Founder of Academy of Change, Certified Professional Coach, Knowledge Broker, Motivational Speaker, Instructor.

Mitra helps newcomers/immigrants to achieve their goals sooner with more confidence and productively.

Mitra is dedicated to helping newcomers and immigrants make a lasting impact on their personal and professional development path. At each stage, she maximizes their abilities for success and reduces any barriers that come in the way of their goals.

Mitra is masterful at taking relevant principles and disciplines discovered from her many experiences and distilling them down into the most straightforward, yet memorable and meaningful concepts that stick with you and can move you in the right direction of achieving the results you seek.

Inspiring newcomers/immigrants to improve performance by discovering the new aspects of themselves and embracing changes is Mitra’s foundation to maximize success. Mitra learned early on that hard, focused, and purposeful work yields incredible results. She learned that when something is important to you, attitude can change everything. And she credits the eager desire to break away from the norm as the initial inspiration for her success in daily social life.

She teaches how to identify and change paradigms habits and beliefs which prevent newcomers/immigrants from achieving their desired results.

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